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Diamond & Abrasive Tools Facts

Ordering our products:
To help us get you the proper blade, please have the following information ready when ordering:

  • Blade Size
  • Arbor size and mention if you need a pinhole in core
    Material to be cut
  • Hardness of material
  • Type of machine product will be used on
  • Wet or dry cutting
  • RPM of saw
  • Horsepower of saw

Safety and working instructions for diamond and abrasive cutting tools:

  • Make sure saw is clean and free from any damage before mounting the blade.
  • Make sure the arbor of the blade fits snug on the shaft of the saw.
  • Make sure the blade is spinning in the correct direction.
  • Make sure blade is tightened correctly.
  • Do not exceed appropriate RPM for the blade.
  • Do not use the sides of the blade for grinding
  • Always cut in straight lines.
  • Do not cut for long periods of time continuously with dry blades.
  • Dry cut only with dry cut blades.
  • Allow the blade to do the cutting. Do not force it.
  • Use the correct diamond blade on the proper saw for the material to be cut.
  • Always wear proper safety equipment such as safety glasses, protective clothing, hearing, safety footwear, and respiratory equipment.
Diameter Maximum RPM Depth of Cut
4.5” 13300 1-1/4”
12000 1-1/2”
8730 2-1/4”
7640 2-3/4”
6790 3-1/4”
6115 3-1/2”
3395 6-3/4”
3055 7-3/4”
2550 9-1/2”
2350 10-1/2”
2040 11-3/4”
1700 14-1/2”
1455 17”
1275 19”

*Based on 9500 surface feet per minute.
*The RPM range for concrete and masonry products is +/-10% of the recommended RPM in the chart. The optimum range for hard, dense materials such as stone and tile is 10-25% less than the RPM in the table.
*Depths are approximate and depend on saw type.

Terms and condition of sale:
All sales will be at prices as established by Diamond Speed Products, Inc. Any inconsistent provisions contained in any purchase order, or release issued by a customer, will not apply, unless expressly accepted by Diamond Speed Products, Inc. in writing.

All accounts must furnish satisfactory credit references and financial information. Payment history will be considered in our payment decisions regarding current customers. All discrepancies must be reported within 10 days of invoice date.

Net 30 days terms from the date of the invoice or unless otherwise specified or approved. Payment terms are governed by invoice date, not by the date of the receipt of material or invoice. No orders will be shipped to delinquent accounts.

Goods furnished hereunder are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of thirty days after sale. Diamond Speed Products, Inc., at it’s own expense and option, will either repair or replace the defective goods provided that the customer has notified Diamond Speed Products, Inc. within the applicable 30 days period and, upon inspection Diamond Speed Products, Inc. has found the goods to be defective. The customer’s sole and exclusive remedy hereunder will be limited to such repair or replacement.

The warranties contained hereunder are in lieu of all warranties of any kind either expressed or implied, including but not limited to, all warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Statements, oral or written, by Diamond Speed Products, Inc. or it’s representatives or others do not constitute warranties and shall not be relied upon by the customer and are not part of this agreement. Diamond Speed Products, Inc. shall not be liable for any special incident indirect or consequential damages or for the loss or profit revenue or other damages caused by defect in the goods sold.

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